How to use UbuntuOne by u1ftp

Open a terminal session by clicking on the Ubuntu button in the upper left hand corner, typing in “Terminal” and then clicking the “Terminal” icon

Run these commands in the terminal:

mkdir ~/u1ftp

cd ~/u1ftp


ln -s ~/u1ftp/ u1ftp

python u1ftp

You sould see “Listening on” output to the terminal. Keep the terminal session open and open your home folder.

Click the File > Connect to Server… menu

Set the fields as follows:


Port: 2121

Type: FTP (with login)

Folder: /

Username: Ubuntu One username (email address)

Password: Ubuntu One password

Remember this password: Checked

Click “Connect” and you should see a window pop up shortly with your folders and files on Ubuntu One. You can now copy files to and from here. If you want to bookmark this for future use, right-click on the entry in the left hand pane (“FTP as…”) and select “Add Bookmark”.


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